Internet of Things – 7th Semester : Rajasthan Technical University | Bikaner Technical University – Full Course (7CS4-01)
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IoT Functional Blocks :

An IoT System contains number of functional blocks that provide the system the capabilities for identification, sensing, actuation, communication and management.

Functional Blocks

a.) Device : An IoT system comprises of devices that provide sensing, actuation, monitoring and control functions.
b.) Communication : The communication block handles the communication for IoT system.
c.) Services : An IoT system uses various types of services for device monitoring, device control services, data publishing services and services for device discovery.
d.) Management : Management block provides various functions to govern the IoT system.
e.) Security : It Secures IoT system and priority functions such as authentication ,authorization, message and context integrity and data security.
f.) Application : IoT application provide an interface that the users can use to control and monitor various aspects of IoT system.

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